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Trolling Motor Services

We service all Minn Kota & Garmin products in and out of warranty. When your bring in your motor please remember to bring in all remotes and foot pedals you have for that motor for proper testing.

We prefer you bring the motor off the boat. If you unable to take it off the boat you can bring your boat to our shop, but we do request a courtesy call before you come down to make sure the proper techinican is available to assist you.

We understand how important your motor is, so we do what we can to get the motor back to you in a timely manner. 

If you need a motor before we are unable to repair your we do have rental motors available to get you back on the water. Rental motors are also available if you are taking a trip and would like to take an extra motor along.  

We now sell New, Factory Reconditioned, and Preowned Minn Kota & Garmin Motors. We can also assist with ongoing maintenance of your Minn Kota & Garmin Electric Motors.


In most cases we are able to give you an estimated cost of repair at the time the motor is dropped off. If we are unable to determine the  estimate we can contact you with an estimate once we are able to diagnosis the problem.


Shop Labor Rate - $115/hour.  Our experience shows that most repairs can be completed in 1 hour or less.  Most repairs are billed by the issue not how long it took to repair it because not all technicians work at the same pace. 

Boat Labor Rate - $125/hour.  If we need to do the repair while the motor is on the boat.  

Some repairs are unable to be performed on the boat. Removal and Reinstallation of the motor will be charged Boat Labor Rate. No Charge if quick release plate is previously installed.


We have about 7500  Minn Kota parts in stock to be able to do most repairs in a timely manner. 

We do have parts available for sale. Electrical components are unable to be returned or covered by warranty.


When requiring any service/repairs for your Minn Kota or Garmin product, you will need your original receipt of purchase for warranty coverage. If you do not have your receipt of purchase, we will reference your product's serial number and will base your warranty coverage off the date of manufacture. We recommend that you write the serial number down in your product’s user manual or somewhere outside of your boat so you have it available for future reference. If you need assistance in locating the serial number on a product, please visit the following page for a reference sheet and examples: LOCATING YOUR SERIAL NUMBER

All repairs will have a 90 day warranty on the parts and labor received. 

For full Minn Kota warranty coverage please visit Minn Kota warranty page on their website.



Can my current trolling motor with Universal Sonar 2 (US2) be upgraded to Built-In MEGA Down Imaging sonar?
- Unfortunately no. There are physical and electrical wiring limitations that do not make it possible to upgrade a current motor to a motor with Built-In MEGA Down Imaging.